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All schemes for cross stitch and beading, only on

Our team of needlework lovers is constantly working on filling the portal with new, beautiful embroidery patterns. Only on our site you can download absolutely any scheme that has ever been available for download.
All diagrams in .xsd, .pdf, .jpg format, which can be downloaded from our website, are taken from open sources. Therefore, on the site you can download cross-stitch and bead embroidery patterns for free and without registration.
They are suitable for embroidering pictures, pillows, wedding towels and embroidered shirts.
Also, you can download embroidery patterns in other techniques from us: satin stitch, beads, blackwork, hardanger.
For people experienced in embroidery, we can additionally offer lessons, articles on embroidery, video tutorials, a forum for embroiderers, programs for cross-stitch and beadwork.

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