Download embroidery pattern by cross-stitch where available "Натюрморты"

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Our team of needlework lovers is constantly working on filling the portal with new, beautiful embroidery patterns. Only on our site you can download absolutely any scheme that has ever been available for download. Embroidery pattern, where available Натюрморты.
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They are suitable for embroidering pictures, pillows, wedding towels and embroidered shirts.
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Download embroidery patterns by cross-stitch  - Лепестки и жемчуг
Производитель: Barbara Mock
177x134 крестов
27 цветов
Бледно-голубым цветом (775) вышиваем полукрестом в 3 сложения по рисунку, а нитью в 1 сложение вертикальные полоски на фоне (half).
Download embroidery patterns by cross-stitch  - Натюрморт с виноградом
131x91 крестов
12 цветов
Перенабирала Kristia. Соответсвие цветов DMC - Mf(Mayflower) 319 - 2130 469 - 2146 471 - 2160 3819- 2157 445 - 2214 746 - 2213 5200- 2233 744 - 2007 444 - 2006 742 - 2011 947 - 2013 3777- 2047
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